About us

A small intro to help you know us better

Online Idea Lab is a provider of IT-based and job oriented training to individuals, institutions, and organizations. We provide an array of courses that have been designed to suit students with different aspirations and goals. Our quality training is a blend of expert faculty, up to date curriculum, personality development, and career coaching.

Our Expertise in Digital Marketing

We are here to make you digitally advanced. With years of experience instilled in our trainers, they love imparting their knowledge onto the students. We have been successful in helping our students, belonging to different educational backgrounds and age groups, find their vocation in the dynamic digital world.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on Performance, Process, and People

Our performance-driven team strives diligently to deliver outstanding results by providing top-notch quality of education. It is our zealous performance as a training institute that enables our students to step out and be impressive performers in their future roles.

Our process-focused attitude has formulated an effective process of teaching which enhances students’ learning experiences. Our courses comprise of relevant topics and live projects to enrich our students with a good balance of theoretical and practical understanding.

Our people-oriented institute emphasizes on trainer’s quality which would, in turn, help each student achieve their individual goals. We foster relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity - be it with our students, employees, placement partners or any other association.


We envision being the go-to institute for technological training across the globe



To be an excellent provider of knowledge that enriches individuals and businesses



Integrity – Doing it the right way is our only way

Passion – We do it because we believe in it

Speed – We strive to achieve and deliver more in a limited time

Our Leadership Principles

A leader goes beyond what an ordinary thinks is possible and inspires others to do the same.

Below are the leadership principles we lead by.


Customers First

A successful business is a byproduct of happy customers. We are customer focused; and as decision makers, we always place our customers’ interest first. Their satisfaction is our top priority. Nothing makes us happier a delighted customer.


Ownership means more than just accountability. It means taking the initiative to the next level. Once we own an initiative, we go beyond our routine responsibilities to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Keeping it Simple

Simplicity makes things doable and scalable, while complexity results in confusion and chaos. Hence, we strive to eliminate any complexity through innovations. We love discovering ideas that provide simple solutions to complicated scenarios.


Taking actions is necessary not just to escape stagnancy or downfall but also to progress. We need to keep the ball rolling come what may.  We resort to calculated risk-taking while making a choice between taking a risk and playing safe. Being logical along with being courageous does the trick.

Setting the Bar High

We don’t believe in mediocracy. We strive for excellence. We set high standards because we believe everyone deserves the best; and to deliver the best, we must be the best. We create a high benchmark for ourselves with an intention to outperform.

Self Critical

We don’t shy away from self-criticism as it helps us improve, be more self-aware and make informed decisions, We give and take feedback constructively. As leaders, we are keen to listen, consider and act for improvement.

Trust Earners

Everything builds around trust. It is the foundation that keeps the whole structure in place. As leaders, we build trust by keeping our word, meeting expectations, taking actions and being confident. We also earn trust simply by being genuine, transparent and approachable.

Deep Divers

We believe ‘the devil is in the detail’. Sometimes overlooking minute elements can cause unfortunate consequences. Hence, we don’t judge on a superficial level. We dive deeper and pay attention to every detail.

Disagree, Discuss & Commit

We voice out our opinions when we disagree. We are open to discussion and are accepting of the final conclusion, following which we fully commit to it irrespective of our beliefs.


We run a race not to just to reach the finish line but also to win the award. We set goals that reap results. We do not quit until we achieve what we envisioned. We believe that results must speak for our efforts.