Expert Web Analytics Course

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We see that you have landed on the Expert Web Analytics course page, and hence we believe you are well aware of what Web Analytics is all about. But if you happen to look for some clarity here is what you should know about Web Analytics.

Analytics for the Non-Techs

To master Web Analytics you do not need any prior technical knowledge or any specific qualification. This course is for those non-technical guys who want to make a career in Analytics. Digital Marketers, who want to accelerate their growth in the industry, know that the knowledge of web analytics plays a crucial role.

Web Analytics in a gist

Web Analytics is the process of collecting, tracking, reporting and analyzing the web data. It lets you analyze the behavior of visitors on a particular website. This analysis helps in creating strategies to increase website traffic and achieve maximum ROI. Hence, web analytics is a key element in digital marketing.

Web Analytics is Data-centric

Web analytics takes data from websites, mobile applications, social media, Internet of Things, or third party sources and combines them with back-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales systems. The data is analyzed by using web analytics tools in order to improve core business strategies, optimize workflow and maintain a competitive edge.

Web Analytics Tools

To implement web analytics, there are many tools available online that make the entire task of collecting and analyzing data quite easy. These tools help you apply web analytics to your greatest advantage. At Online Idea Lab, we teach you 4 very popular and useful tools.

The Tools We Teach You

Adobe Analytics      Tableau   Google Analytics    Clarabridge

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics training will enable you to analyze online data efficiently and provide insights and recommendations to the business, which will lead to positive outcomes. It will help you to design campaigns, increase the website traffic, boost up the online sales, build the trust in customers and also help in the branding of any organization. These tools build the capability within you to understand the complete online business, steer the sales path, bring in profits, understand the customer mindset and also get to know the reasons behind unsuccessful campaigns.

Tools like Clarabridge and OpinionLab etc. help you to understand what customers think about a product/service. You can evaluate customer needs and provide recommendations that will improvise the services and also intensify the sales and services of an organization.

Advance Microsoft Excel and Tableau are again the key tools to build the intelligence over the data and provide advanced data visualization which will help the organization management to deeply understand what’s happening in their business and also to know if they are going on the right path.

The Wide Scope of Web Analytics

Digital Marketing has made its mark in various sectors like Media & Entertainment, Transportation & Logistics, Manufacturing, Hi-Technology manufacturing, Life sciences, Education, Food, Fashion, Sports, and all the sectors around you.

Digital marketing strategies are made based on data. Every organization needs to know what the data has to say so they can provide a better customer experience. An organization is keen on not just developing the website, but also on tracking the traffic and visitor’s behavior on their website and analyze what is working and what isn’t, to improve the websites performance and conversion rate.

Web analytics is not only a profitable concept; it is also an interesting one. Data, numbers, and analytics can be overwhelming but with the right training, web analytics can be a piece of cake. There are lots of good reasons to learn and use Web analytics, and no good reason not to. So come and enroll with Online Idea Lab if you are on a hunt for expert level training on Web Analytics.

Why choose Online Idea Lab?

We help you understand the data.

We teach you how to make sense of the quantitative data and use it to make qualitative decisions. Learn the right way to interpret the data to make a meaningful analysis.

We guide you from start to finish.

Right from teaching you the science of web analytics to mastering the tools and learning how to make informed decisions, we will train you on all that there is to know.

We share with you the tricks and tips.

Based on the years of experience, our trainers will enlighten you on what works and what does not. The tricks and tips will play to your advantage as an analyst.

Who can do the course?

You will benefit the most if you are one of the below.

  • Business owners who want to improve the performance of their business website
  • Marketing professionals who want to make successful marketing campaigns based on analytics
  • An aspiring marketer or a college student who wishes to explore a career in web analytics

Course Prerequisites

  • Commitment towards the course
  • Digital Awareness
  • A mind that would love to learn Web Analytics
  • Personal Laptop

Wouldn't you love to have a job that challenges your brain to be analytical and create well-planned strategies? Well then hurry up and enroll for the Expert Web Analytics Course at Online Idea Lab.


  1. Is web analytics a good career option?

Yes. It has a great demand and the work is challenging as well as interesting.

  1. I have no technical knowledge or skills. Can I take up the course?

You do not need to have any technical qualification. Digital marketing awareness and good reasoning skills will be an advantage.

  1. Are weekend classes available?

Yes, we do have weekday as well as weekend classes.