Local SEO Course

Dominate the Local Market with Local SEO

Be a part of the snack pack!

Wondering what snack has to do with SEO? If you haven’t heard of this term before, then here is a new learning for you.

When you use Google to find a store or service near you, based on your location ‘Google Maps Search Box’ displays 3 top results of local businesses that match your search. This display is known as “3-Pack” or “snack pack” in SEO language. Optimizing your website for local search and using local SEO tools will help your business gain a spot in the snack pack.

Big or Small - SEO is for all

SEO is not just for the big multi-location businesses. You might own a small business for the local population, but to make it profitable you require an online presence. SEO helps you to establish a stronghold on the market so that your competitors don’t knock you off and take your customers away. If you have no local competitors yet, then sooner you implement SEO for your business the stronger will be your brand name and customer trust. Let the people know you are the pioneer. An upcoming competitor will have to work twice as hard to outperform your popularity. Moreover, if your business is not found online, a nearby consumer will have to travel far for the same service provided by you; simply because he was unaware of your business existence.

Why Learn Local SEO?

  1. It is an inexpensive way of promoting your business. SEO activities do not need any major investments. The internet offers you lots of free tools and mediums to perform SEO tasks.
  2. Local SEO is the present-day Yellow Pages. People search online for the smallest need. If your business fulfills their needs then it must be present online. Get the web presence in your local niche market with Local SEO.
  3. Local SEO activities convince potential customers about the credibility of the business and converts searches into purchases.
  4. Local SEO is convenient. Physical promotion of your business takes a lot of time and effort. The local SEO activities are easy, efficient, and reach a large audience.
  5. You have built a business website. Does it have the right content? Is it serving the purpose? Local SEO knowledge will help you optimize a website to appeal the local consumers.
  6. Local SEO helps to drive traffic to your website. It leads to brand awareness and helps you create a bigger customer base. As a result, there will be an increase in sales and profits.
  7. Neglecting Local SEO could cost your business. Modern customers carry out research before investing in any product or service. By not having a favourable online presence you are losing out on customers.

In simple words, with Local SEO you can promote the business, beat the local competitors and become the No.1 choice for the local consumers.

Local SEO course at Online Idea Lab

The Local SEO course at Online Idea Lab will teach you how to list your own business or client’s business on the web and start ranking locally in the maps and search engines. You will learn the strategies to outperform your competitors and gain popularity online so you are the first choice of every local customer.

Enroll for the short term Local SEO course at Online Idea Lab and learn about:

  1. Google My Business Listings
  2. Optimizing website for Local SEO
  3. NAP Consistency
  4. Local Citations
  5. Google Maps

Tools you learn


Course prerequisites

Basic internet knowledge

Personal Laptop

Who can take up the Local SEO course?

The course is particularly beneficial to

Marketing professionals

Local Business Owners